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I wrote a book that people tell me they really whip right through. Angels Carry the Sun (Lilly Press, Sep 2010) is now available. Lilly Press nominated it for the PEN/Faulkner Award and a Pushcart prize (Chapter Seven). ***Also, I am tech-challenged and have no idea who is faving my stuff on here--sorry.

The Midwest Book Review lists Angels Carry the Sun on the Fiction Shelf between a book called Witchgrass and another called At the Concord of the Rivers.

Here's a review by A cappella Zoo

Why do you write?

Life. Because I can't seem to stop.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Dead people. And John Banville, Jane Smiley....

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Beate Sigriddaughter – Nov 30, 2011

More on your excellent Banana Republic:

‘Jesus said: “There went forth two men to sell apples. The one chose to sell the peel of the apple for its weight in gold, caring nought for the substance of the apples. The other desired to give the apples away, receiving only a little bread for his journey. But men bought the peel of the apples for its weight in gold, caring nought for him who was fain to give to them, nay even despising him.”’

Quoted in Indries Shah, Learning How to Learn, p. 141

Jane Hammons – Feb 26, 2011

Phoebe, thanks for your comment about the kids making their own rules in Descanso. It's an interesting take on "breaking the rules." And I like it very much!

Jules Archer – Jan 29, 2011

Thank you for reading and commenting on "Solar Plexus". Many thanks.

Carol Reid – Jan 14, 2011

Hi Phoebe! Thanks for the comment on "Sage" :)

Frank Vander Rasky – Jan 07, 2011

Phoebe, many thanks for reading and commenting on “Oh, Fish Eggs!” Much appreciated, and nice to make your virtual acquaintance!

Marcus Speh – Jan 07, 2011

indeed, phoebe, you work hard it's all good and who gives a damn about those misspellings. thanks for writing on my wall with your bare hands!

Shelagh Power-Chopra – Jan 07, 2011

Thank you for reading & commenting on, "the leg", Phoebe. I look forward to reading your work here!

Jules Archer – Jan 07, 2011

Phoebe - thank you so much for reading and commenting on "I Like It". Glad to know ya. Cheers!

Marcus Speh – Jan 06, 2011

thanks phoebe, for your comment on "mother burning" - i empathise though i am not a mother, of course- hope you're burning without going down...good luck in the new year!

Bill Yarrow – Jan 06, 2011

Thanks so much, Phoebe, for your kind comment on and fave of "Whiplash Marriage." I appreciate it very much!

Kathy Fish – Jan 06, 2011

Thanks, Phoebe, for the read and star for "Empty." I appreciate it!

Bill Yarrow – Jan 05, 2011

Thanks, Phoebe, for commenting on "Great Moments in Blindness."

Darryl Price – May 05, 2010

Really enjoyed the blog. That's cool stuff. Horse Tree is my favorite but everything was worth the visit. Welcome.

Estelle Bruno – May 04, 2010

Phoebe , thanks so much for giving me a copy of your wonderful poems, Recidivist. Marvelous writing. It was so nice being with you and Judith. Say hi to her for me, and welcome to Fictionaut.

Susan Tepper – May 04, 2010

Phoebe, so glad to see you here

Phoebe Wilcox – May 04, 2010

Thank you. I'm trying to get more contemporary!

JM Prescott – May 04, 2010

Welcome. I read dead people too.

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