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Occupation Writer, designer, strategist
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About Me

Been writing and designing in a professional capacity (in the advertising field) for more years than I care to admit, but am newer to fiction. Also have a long-standing interest in photography. Most of my stories have accompanying photographs.

Why do you write?

The pleasure of contemplating a piece of finished work that feels right.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Tend to read older works and classics but also enjoy non-fiction involving human development and a variety of science disciplines.

Paul Hargreaves's Wall

Gone – Feb 05, 2013

Thank you, Paul. Awesome praise for my poem 'Smile'.

Janice D. Soderling – Jan 16, 2013

Paul, you were an ideal reader for the diminishing verse. Thx for perceptive comments. (I have a background in advertising/commercial writing myself.) Glad to make your acquaintance.

Susan Tepper – Mar 31, 2011

Paul, way back in August you wrote about my story Cockroach, and I saw it just today! eeek! Many thanks!

See ya – Feb 25, 2011

Thanks for reading How To Burn Years, Paul. I really appreciate it, man.

Meakin Armstrong – Feb 22, 2011

Thanks Paul for your comment on my story.

Mark Reep – Feb 21, 2011

Hi Paul, thanks for reading So Few Dreams, and for the very kind words. Much appreciated!

Jules Archer – Feb 20, 2011

Paul - enjoyed your feedback on "Liplorn". Thank you for reading and commenting!

Susan Tepper – Feb 13, 2011

Paul so happy you read my stories Chocolate and Organic BJ's and the kind words you had for them both, thank you!
ps-- did you notice that you were drawn to the ones about food? maybe you felt hungry while you were looking at this site? ha ha! i saw in your bio that you wrote for advertising, and of course that deals with subliminal prompts, so...
would love to see your photos. why not post them along with your stories, some writers have been doing that here and its nice.

Susan Tepper – Feb 12, 2011

Paul, I used to have one many years ago, and yes, they are totally scratchy, and as she was rubbing her face in the blanket I was feeling the scratch. Don't know why I wrote "soft" but I'm changing that word and I appreciate your bringing this to my attention.

Beate Sigriddaughter – Feb 09, 2011

Thanks for your comment on "A Study In Tango." Sounds like you know the scene. I appreciate your reading.

James Lloyd Davis – Jan 22, 2011

Paul, thanks for the edit, the fave and the comment on "Foreplay."

Kim Conklin – Jan 10, 2011

Thanks for the very kind words on Unheard, Paul. I'm glad you liked it!

Mark Reep – Nov 01, 2010

Hi Paul, thanks for your comment on No Adjectives. All best.

Foster Trecost – Oct 13, 2010

Hi Paul, thanks for reading and commenting on Moon View Mountain Road, I'm glad you liked it. foster.

Meg Pokrass – Oct 08, 2010

Thanks so much Paul, for your comment and favorite for "Specimen"! But don't be silly! anyway, thanks Paul!

Paula Ray – Oct 07, 2010

Thank you for your kind words on Sax Named Pegasus - I'm glad you dug it.

Jack Swenson – Oct 07, 2010

Paul, I think the title refers to me: good (sometimes), bad (sometimes), very bad (occasionally).

Jack Swenson – Oct 05, 2010

Your usual thoughtful commentary, Paul. Thanks for the kind words about my post 9/11 story.

Meg Pokrass – Oct 05, 2010

Paul - thanks for reading my stories and commenting. So glad you enjoyed them!

Jerry Ratch – Oct 03, 2010

Thank you, Paul! Appreciated!

Martin Dodd – Oct 03, 2010

Thanks, Paul, for your follow-up comment on "Ashes" (revised). And double thanks for your work on Alzheimer's. The loss before the loss is the most agonizing.

Julie Innis – Oct 03, 2010

Paul, thank you for your kind comment on House Sitter. Glad it was worth it!

Meg Pokrass – Oct 03, 2010

thanks for asking Paul. It went really well!

Kathy Fish – Oct 03, 2010

Thank you, Paul, for your kind comments on "Snow." I'm eager to read your work!

Meg Pokrass – Sep 29, 2010

Paul - thank you so much for your very kind words about "Drunk Elephant" and for alerting me of my typo! So appreciated!

Kim Conklin – Sep 28, 2010

Thanks for th kind words and fave on If Wishes Were Horses, Paul. I'm so glad you liked it!

Michelle Elvy – Sep 26, 2010

Hello Paul and thank you for the comment on Escalation. Glad for the grin. I will look forward to coming back to your stories soon -- looking to find some Fictionaut time this weekend...

Claire King – Sep 24, 2010

Paul - I love your poetic comment on Anything Again - the unrequited sensuality of the! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

Kate Brown – Sep 22, 2010

Hi Paul, thanks so much for your comment on 'Swimming Pool'. It's very much appreciated. Glad you enjoyed it! Kate

Marcus Speh – Sep 22, 2010

hi there and thanks for your comment on "Hänsel und Gretel". i enjoyed "knife edge" a lot and i'm looking forward to reading more.

Jack Swenson – Sep 17, 2010

Paul, you should be a book reviewer. Thanks for the great comment on my kitty story!

Meg Pokrass – Sep 16, 2010

Paul - I don't believe you could said anything nicer to me. Thank you so much for reading my stories and saying what you did. So nice to (sort of) meet you here! Best, Meg

Susan Gibb – Sep 16, 2010

Hi Paul!

Yes, I do it myself, only my twists, if planned, come out amateurish. Often the best twist is one that surprises me after I've written it. Then I know it's okay to leave in. With the amount of writing I've done lately, I've gotten a bit lazy in repairing the ones that don't work. To me, if it wraps up too easy, too contrived, then it's not going to be good.

Rhett Davis – Sep 12, 2010

Hi Paul - thanks for taking the time to read "At the back of the crowd" and providing some great feedback.

Jim Breslin – Aug 28, 2010

Paul - thanks for reading The Ex and leaving your comments. Welcome to Fictionaut!

Kim Conklin – Aug 25, 2010

Thanks for the kind words on Black Swans! I appreciate the read and the comment.

David Ackley – Aug 24, 2010

Thanks so much, Paul for your very sensitive response to "Pacific Light". As I said to your comment you hit on the things one most wants to hear. Looking forward to reading more of your work here.

Jack Swenson – Aug 20, 2010

Paul, I have lots of good memories of that old house on Ridgewood Av. in south Minneapolis, the setting for "Ornithology." Thanks for reading & adding a note.

Darryl Price – Aug 20, 2010

I know what you mean about the sciences. I love to read any and all new physics books. I find them tremendously rewarding. Welcome.

Jane Hammons – Aug 19, 2010

Welcome, Paul and thanks for reading "The Corners." I look forward to reading some of your writing.

Kim Conklin – Aug 18, 2010

Hi, Paul! Welcome! Hope you enjoy FN.

Robert Vaughan – Aug 18, 2010

Welcome to the Fictionaut groove, Paul. I hope to read some of your work soon!

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