I've Bought You A Present

by Jennifer Donnell

I've bought you a present.

It's orange yellow and resides in the sky,

an orb- you'll never be able to hold it or me.

Look out your window and know that the universe

conspired to craft the sunrise for your morning tea,

the mug clasped in hand, the light bouncing from the balcony

railing. The empty seat next to you will always be filled 

and I will never properly thank you for not loving me.

Had you, the wind chimes to your left would have disassembled

from the hurricane force and I would have been a slave

to your smile, never having travelled down the spiral

where I eventually saw myself as you did, eager eyed

and too forgiving, naive beyond charming, devoted beyond reason.

I remember the moon, tucked in your pocket,

inscribed with the words you couldn't bring

yourself to whisper. Every day you wrote

LOVE, in bold capital letters, an invented font-

yet crossed it out before I could read it aloud.