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Meteor Shower

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A rain of stones . . .

Garden Light

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Sometimes I sit in the garden and listen to the sounds of the evening:

Blue Light

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The day slips behind the mountains.

Writing in the Dark

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and to adorn my hair I chose every kind of light

White Summer Dress

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Light youth that barely touches the ground

Skinny in her Black Dress

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black hair/ (damp) around her ears Keys on the table Drinking coffee from a glass

Shining Against Each Other

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They keep shining against each other

Leda and the Swan: Paul Gauguin

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Leda looks back over her shoulder at us as the swan grips her from behind while at the same time nipping at the nape of her neck. She's a freckled child and a little frightened. There's a dark smudge beneath her eye where the shadow runs. The swan


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Sadie’s Diner screams across the night sky.


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Ireland - her beauty is like a drug.


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The thing about it is its size. It's smaller, and your sister is there on the other side of the screen, waiting to be told goodbye. It's not as if you could hop on your bike and rush back to hug her, although that might enlarge the moment. Instead,…


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You surprised me then, / climbing onto my finger: / climbing into my heart. / Your long, cobalt body felt weightless on my hand.

Quenapril Out Of Menlo Park

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His favorite song? Baker Street, by G. Rafferty, that's Stealer's Wheel to you, he loves a guitar

All Else Stopped

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it seemed odd from even the first few seconds.

The Light From A Sports Bar A Thousand Miles Away

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"Michael has had no drink, no cigarette, no illicit drug and very little illicit sex since September 14, 1989."