All Else Stopped

by Carl Santoro

it seemed odd

from even the

first few seconds.

    we were discussing

    Guru Maharaji,

    vegetarianism, and

    more while in a car

    waiting for the “light”

    to change…………….

    …and somehow, we just

     stopped talking


looked to our right.

 there on the sidewalk,

in front of a Mr. Donut,

on Hempstead Turnpike

we saw

    a man.

    squatting down and


    the carcass

    of a

     long-dead bird.

he reached down and

touched it's tail.

 then I noticed he was

wearing glasses,

had pen and paper in

his shirt pocket;

neatly dressed, and

probably on his

lunch hour also.

    he stared at

    the body for awhile,

    and then

    he picked up a

    handful of nearby

 gravel, and proceeded

    to cover

    his discovery.

he maintained a serious

thought-filled face

with almost a

predetermined direct fulness

with each move.

     all else stopped

    for this magnificent

    streetside ritual.

 we looked at each other

with smiles on our faces

as the “light” changed

and we were swept away….

    the Birdman of  Mr.Donut

    got up and walked off.

 on the sidewalk

lay his friend, the bird,

disguised as a

mound of gravel.

     it's strange how things

    were timed

    for us

    to arrive at

                       his ceremony.