"Oh, what's this?" she

by Carl Santoro

asked as he held them
together like
two sides of dry rubber cement
going for that permanent bond.

"It's my new
eight-second hug."

"What the…what's this
all about?"

"Not much, really.
I just want our hugs
to have more passion
and intimacy
from this day forward."

"Okay, that's enough. Let me go now."

"See. It feels a little awkward, right?"

"Ah, yes. Not a little. A lot."

"But we are married. We always give a
goodbye hug or a hello hug."

"Yup, and one second is just fine. 
You're not proposing to impose
your weirdness on
everyone in the family,
are you?
And, why eight seconds? Why eight?"

"I don't know. I thought about
the length and it seemed
one second shorter and the awkwardness factor
would not have been there. 
I wanted to create a physical, as well as
an emotional, surge during the,
 mostly ignored for its value,
I even felt that at the end
each person should make some kind of statement.
 Any kind will do"

"So, like the Goldilocks thing - 
not too hot, not too cold,
but just right? 
Is that it?"

you can let go now."

"Oh! Geesh, I was just
getting used to the
smell of your neck."