An Extremely Complex Fall Evening

by Carl Santoro

The Big Dipper was so low

 in the Autumn sky last night,

that little Billy

snagged its handle

on his jacket button

while running home

late for supper.

He dragged it all the way

to town, passing his young neighbor,

 the red-haired Hazel

running by, non-stop,

holding her head.


Billy's jacket became

a complicated mess

 as other constellations

became entangled with

this high-jacked Dipper.

Soon the entire sky load of constellations

was carried across the bumpy fields

with him to his house.

His momma said,

“You are late, take all that

off and get inside!”


The red-haired Hazel,

had accidentally stolen,

all the Autumn leaves

when her long curly locks

gobbled them up

even as they tried to

wiggle this way

and that

to try to escape.

When she got home

Her mother said,

“Wait outside,

I'll get a big hefty

plastic bag.”