One Day the Caveman Played Guitar

by Carl Santoro

Saber-toothed tigers stared

 into the darkness.

The night had a new sound.

Overhead, curious

Pterodactyls circled,

 searching tree tops.

Females smiled,

 rocking babies

 to sleep in caves

 filled with

echoing notes.

The sound made

every living thing

want to be

near the source.

In the morning,

hunters squatted,

to rest their spears

and listen.

Others climbed

trees for a

 hopeful sighting.

The lone player

strained to

give words to

the notes.

As thunder rolled in

the player tried

 loud chords.

Out on the savannah,

the rain extinguished

the player's fire.

Finding a cold cave,

wood would be needed to

make fire

 sing warmth.