Tabatha Stirling

Location Singapore
Occupation Writer/Minx
IM () @volequeen (twitter)

About Me

Why do you write?

I'm the weirdo in restaurants, bus stops, shopping malls and train stations that gives everybody a terribly dark back story. I am still trying to keep my oddest thoughts to myself. Strangers really don't like that sort of thing. So I smile and nod and think how they would reach their demise.

I recently wrote a one act play about a school shooting. That was an exhausting piece. But so worth it. And I hope it honoured, in some small way, everybody affected by this tragic phenomena.

My poetry is imagery on sherbet dips.

Any favorite authors? Books?

I hate these questions *mutter mutter* *dark looks*

Somerset Maugham, Evelyn Waugh, Ernest Hemmingway, F Scott Fitzgerald, Lesley Glaister, Stuart McBride, Joe Abercrombie, Peter V Brett, Jean Rhys, Doris Lessing, Iris Murdoch, Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, Simone de Beauvoir, Lionel Shriver, Denise Mina, Auden, Dylan Thomas, Laurie Lee.

Of Human Bondage
We Need To Talk About Kevin
The Girl With All The Gifts
Bad Seed
The Secret History
Redcap Runs Away
Empire of the Sun
The Wide Sargasso Sea
Good Morning, Midnight
Brideshead Revisited
Love in a Cold Climate
The Passage
Jonathan Norrell and Mr Strange
The Book Thief
She Came to Stay

Tabatha Stirling's Wall

Tim G. Young – Mar 03, 2018

I have always enjoyed the name, Tabitha, and now here your are!

Ann Bogle – Jan 23, 2016

Thanks for your reading and commenting on my piece posted on 1/22/2016 called "Fish." I really like your profile page! I've visited your page before and find this worth saying: your page honors all the difficulties of not writing and places emphasis on the bounty of pursuing writing. I would like to read here again and use your entries and your profile answers as guides. _Wide Sargasso Sea_ is on my to-reread list, especially after I discovered in re-perusing it its complexities that intrigue. I had remembered its lyricism. I remembered beautiful sentences and passages and yet I did not remember IT. Cheers,

Carl Santoro – May 31, 2014

Tabatha - Thanks for visiting my "Oh, what's this?" she". I'm glad it made you smile and wasn't given the "terribly dark back story". Incidentally, my latest project, OTHERS, has a 17 year old female protagonist in it that I named Tabitha (with an "i"). Now I wonder if your spelling has more of something magical going for it as you are so talented. I'll be catching up on your work in the days to come. Stay on top of those sherbert dips! Toot-a-lou!

Darryl Price – Feb 19, 2014

Hello Tabatha--and welcome!

Matthew Robinson – Feb 19, 2014

Hi Tabatha, I appreciate your comment on "The Crossing". Thank you, and welcome to Fictionaut!

Charlotte Hamrick – Feb 18, 2014

You're here! Yay! Welcome. Can't wait to read more of your stuff. xo

Carol Reid – Feb 15, 2014

Thanks for liking my "Underdog"! So glad to see you here, tabby.

David Ackley – Feb 15, 2014

Tabatha, that is. Morning fingers.

David Ackley – Feb 15, 2014

Hey, thanks, Tabitha, for the kind words re "Motive," . Welcome to Fictionaut! Have fun!

Frankie Saxx – Feb 15, 2014

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I'm on Fictionaut
& now you are too!

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