The Blues

by Damion Hamilton

I was sitting at the bar

Feeling the blues after work

Drinking my 64 0z pitcher

Of beer

Body hurting all over

And this kid begins to talk to me

About how drinking is killing my

Brain cells

And of course i have heard this

Shit all before

Yet i act dumb all the same

Like really?

I did not know that!!

I try not to think about

This, of course when I'm drinking

Wrong place wrong time

Well he's right!!

But he drinks a hell of alot

More than me

He takes shot after shot

Beer after beer

And blacks out

Almost every night

Yet I'm the fucked up one?

Crazy when you think about it

Yet the world tried to kill my

Body, which is I'm drinking in the first place

Well the world kills my body

And i kill my brain


We are both