Crisis Junkie

by Damion Hamilton


A lot of people are like this--they thrive on

On conflict


My bartender is that way-she likes the


She wants to fight and argue and haggle

And I never related to this

In anyone

Well, people are scared, or pretend to be

Scared at the bar. Some are extremely



There's a tornado warning, it's hailing

Raining hard, and the wind screams like

A mob of angry cats being set on fire

Most of people at the bar are excited

While looking at the weatherman

Talk about the tornados

And heavy, damaging winds

But the real trouble are in the surrounding

Counties, and not

In our county


Its' just hailing and

Raining and winds are

Moderate, were we

Are at


But my bartender lady

Strives on conflict

She tells me she's disappointed

That there's no tornado outside

I think to myself is she crazy!

She's not crazy though,


She just says nothing happens

That life is boring, that if

The tornado came, that life

Would seem less like a dream.


Then I think this is why the world

Is the way it is

Conflict and war all over

Because people are BORED


She doesn't have to want that

Tornado with all that pain and suffering

Eventually the pain and suffering catches

Up with us

We definitely don't need to force the action,

With the wars, blood, mangled bodies-

Hell, chaos destruction


It comes for us


But I want to hold that shit off

As much as possible,

While I drink the good beer

To soothe my thoughts and body


I go to the restroom and return,

My beer is gone, and it was almost



She says it wasn't almost full

And I look at her long enough,

For her to give in and give me



She wanted the conflict

But I wasn't buying it.