The Dead

by Damion Hamilton

When i close my eyes

I see the faces of the dead

I hear their voices

The things they said, their laughter

The ones i thought would live forever!!

Something got them though: the ones who lived fast

It was a drug, some bullets, a disease

I thought they would live forever!!

Those crazy ass dudes and girls

How urgent they were

But they didn't

Something got them,

Just as sure as it will get me

It's not always about the young dying recklessly

I think of some old man or woman living a slow life:maybe washing a car or cooking a dinner, watching a baseball game on tv

Gone forever.

They are so real to me when i close my eyes

More powerful than any living being every could be to me

The living live cowardly as they smile and laugh to me

But this death thing is real

Very real

I drive highways alone at night

Remembering a dead girl riding shotgun. Who died a couple of years ago beside me.

The things she said and her laughter haunts me.

More powerful than anything living

What lies she told me

More powerful than anything living

This crumpled memory of mine.