Laura McCollough Moss

Location Celoron, NY
Occupation RN

About Me

I am a fifty-two-year-old student, writer, nurse, wife, mother, weekend warrior, work-in-progress.
Profile under construction :).

Why do you write?

My creativity is fueled by situations that enlighten, inspire, frustrate, and anger me. Unless I feel passionately about the subject matter, anything I write is forced and flat. I endeavor to examine and express the dynamics, rhythm and beauty of relationships.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Favorite authors:
Ernest J. Gaines
Khaled Hosseini
Stephen King

Laura McCollough Moss's Wall

Mathew Paust – Jan 07, 2013

Laura, thanks (belatedly) for your kind remarks on The Crack. I'm finding one of the exciting aspects of Fictionaut is the inspiration I get from reading others. This memory popped into the forefront after probably decades in my mind's archives while I was reading Barry Basden's wonderful piece "White Cliffs", about when he recognized WWII had swallowed his father.

Gloria Garfunkel – Jan 06, 2013

Enjoyed your comment on Conversation. I don't get it is a killer.

Gloria Garfunkel – Jan 06, 2013

And I love your personal essay.

Gloria Garfunkel – Jan 06, 2013

Thanks for your wonderful note on lithium. It's true about nurses. They really run the place.

Gessy Alvarez – Jul 09, 2012

Thanks, Laura for reading "“A good man deserves a good woman"...Luckily, the story is not about me but I did hear this sentiment as a child.

Barry Basden – Jul 02, 2012

Thanks again, Laura, for reading my work. And I'm glad Aunt Madge touched you, too. She did live her life her way.

Barry Basden – Jul 02, 2012

Thanks, Laura, for your kind and insightful comments about 'Benny Goodman...' I have the utmost respect for those who care for our loved ones.

Laura McCollough Moss – Jun 25, 2012

Lucinda, thanks for the kind words. I just found this comment tonight! Your encouragement of He Loved Her, and recommendation that I stick to memoir, was helpful. I hadn't thought about my writing that way. Memoirs are for women like Coco Chanel... not me! Following your compliments on my "voice", I spent some time researching exactly what voice is; I am flattered that I have it in your opinion. You inspire me to keep trying.

Lucinda Kempe – Jun 16, 2012


I love your bio here! Thinking of using this as a non-fiction piece. Plenty of places like creative non-fiction. The voice here is great!

"Someone once told me that we are born with our eyes tightly closed, crying, with clenched fists, and that we die with our eyes open, relaxed, and with our palms open. It figures, doesn’t it, that acceptance is our final act. " GREAT!


Jen Knox – Jun 11, 2012

Thank you so much for reading and commenting on Always a Story, Laura. :)

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