Christmas Presents

by Laura McCollough Moss

There's something Dad's been telling us

that I don't think is true

He'll smile at Mom, she'll smile at him

and this is what they'll do

They'll head upstairs

in broad daylight

and make us stay down here

Then halfway up he turns around and says

do not come near

(Chorus):  He says they're going up to talk about

our Christmas presents

there's lots to discuss so we must stay away

They gotta make plans for

our Christmas presents

Or Santa can't come with his sleigh

Now I can't figure out

why Santa needs advice

from parents on what to bring

He's a pretty smart man

we've all sent him letters

and he's never forgotten a thing

But you can't tell my Dad

‘Cause he'll stand on the landing

saying put a movie in

This could take a long time

your lists get longer every year

then he reminds us with a grin

We're going up to talk about

your Christmas presents

there's a lot to discuss so you have to stay away

We've gotta make plans for

your Christmas presents

Or Santa can't come with his sleigh

Now it's Christmas morning

all the toys are here

Every one that we asked for

we run upstairs to Mom and Dad's room

and we all pound on their door

It opens up and Dad stands there

scratching at his head

Says it's not time yet

still dark outside

You all get back to bed

We're tired out from talking ‘bout

your Christmas presents

We need another hour

then we'll all go down and play

It's a lotta work talking ‘bout

your Christmas presents

Can't we just sleep in on Christmas day?