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Selfish Success

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I wear my gun so it shows, so everyone knows.


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Gone Heather, with her hands in her hair, silent for help, over-involved now scared.

Secret Brush Strokes

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One day a girl almost destroyed the world by making a single secret brush stroke.


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Locked at the highest rung Unable to budge at all


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woke up to the sound of a diesel looked out the window to see i’m not home outta bed to see if you had called not a damn thing on my phone


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I hope I don’t have aches and pains in heaven Cause here on Earth I ache in all my parts These old bones don’t have the spring they used to I sure hope heaven has electric shopping carts

Chipmunk Song

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Chipmunk SongChipmunk workin' in the roadside weedsLookin' all around for nuts and seedsSmall bird callin' from a hickory treeAll's right with the world and all's right with meChipmunk searchin' for nuts and seedsLucky fellow finds all he needsAs for me all I desireIs a…


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said you loved me told some jokes aren’t you dying?

I Saw God in a Wheelchair

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I saw God sobbing in a wheelchair His legs didn't work and He had no hair I saw God sobbing in a wheelchair Nobody else was there Nobody stopped to stare Nobody seemed to care

Christmas Presents

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There’s something Dad’s been telling us that I don’t think is true


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pulled the wool off my head found i was almost dead


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you're landscape under her flight path, brother one dash in a dotted line


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she had a chipped tooth...

Going Back in Time: Song

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If we go back in time We are living in tents If we go back in time We are living in caves We are fighting over rivers We are fighting over fields Near the soft edges of slime If we go back in time Nothing would have us And we had t

Love Me Like It's Midnight

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We are young That’s all we’ve got We take drugs We smoke pot You got mugged And I got shot We are young That’s all we’ve got I want you to love me like it’s midnight Midnight, midnight Yeah, your mama wants you home But she knows