by Johnny Dantonio

a redeye flight to your home

maybe i have a remedy

father's crying, grandpa's dying

and Christ, you're weak

but there's hope — you're a fighter

should've died the day you wandered in

i feel defeated without help to give

don't mourn in front of you

what can i offer?

stroke your hair with love, 

said a lot to the Lord, but I lost you

it is deep, it is done

such a calvary

must've came and kissed your soul right in front of me

spread news on the phone

such a tragedy

and now kept inside is everything you've said to me

the last days, they weren't awkward

didn't mind the shallow breathing bits

said you loved me

told some jokes

aren't you dying?

i lifted your head for a washcloth

i hope your as comfy 

at rest in your coffin

heavy Wednesday

but your love was the stone

foundation of our family

and after you will be the hardest its ever been