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Fridays always said it was time for golf,which left me wide, wide like the space between your teeth,on the stoop til you'd let me share your palm with your nine iron.I was a utility. Your gap toothed divot tool or a headcover that had your smile.Sometimes you'd gawk back,…


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Every day, I write myself further away From the East Where we began


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It's Granny hauling her crooked soul into heaven. Guess who I stole that image from?


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said you loved me told some jokes aren’t you dying?

The Legacy

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The old man had always known things, was feared and revered up and down the valley for knowing things. I’d heard the stories since the day I was born.

Buddhas Don't Drive Hyundais

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We wish for Santa, we celebrate the birth of Christ, but no one would ever expect that the happy Buddha would come to celebrate Christmas Eve. Papa had been given this designated title for…

The Sun

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“Would you scratch my foot again? These wool socks make me itchy.” “What about biting your tongue?” The grandfather smiled. “I only do that when my feet-scratchers aren’t around.”