Friday Night

by Laura McCollough Moss

Another hard week

 tired but

make the effort

Hire a sitter

put off the electric bill

Pretty face

too much makeup

teeth not perfect

no money for that

Nothing to wear

borrow a top from a friend

shiny, cheap and tight

clings to the muffin top

over jeans from

before the baby

Old bridesmaid's heels

kill to walk in 

the bar is full

the usual crowd

look for that guy

 with the cute smile

not here tonight

 married anyway

 the rest are slim pickins

jeans low down

 silver studded belts

hats on sideways

not a decent ass in the bunch

strong cologne

don't expect them to buy drinks


not too bright

air-guitar their cue sticks

to the thrumming jukebox

hang around til closing

who will be lonely


enough to take them home.