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Boxcar Blues

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Last night they found his cousin Johnny with a bullet to the back of his noggin on Ezra Church Road. He took the dope from from those Guatemalan boys, so they found him and picked him up and before they shot him they took a baseball bat to him. Just like

Dirty Mother For Ya, a response to Memphis Minnie, with a little help from Roosevelt Sykes and Blind Boy Fuller on Mothers Day

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Just stay at home woman, and do your job / wash those dishes, mama, its what I pays you for

Mississippi Blues

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“Jus’ because a story told right don’t make it true,” he said. “Sometimes the story is there ain’t no story. Sometimes you look way down inside, and ain’t nuthin’ there. Can’t write no book ‘bout nuthin’. Won’t sell none. But them

Mississippi Burning

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“There are no inhibitions in here,” the postman shouted, gesturing at the dance floor with his Marlboro Light, the glowing tip aimed at a woman in a taut skirt. Leaning far forward, her hands nearly touching the plywood floor, she planted her feet and beg


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OVERDUE BLUES What am I gonna do now the rent overdue and in my wallet ain't doo-doo? Throw a shoe at the cat, swat at a gnat, catch a flyby yellowjacket? Kick through the morning dew. Puppies get soaked as all the bills soaked up all my dough.…

Winter Blues

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He told me he could feel an army of tears building up behind his eyes.

The Blues

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I was sitting at the barFeeling the blues after workDrinking my 64 0z pitcherOf beerBody hurting all overAnd this kid begins to talk to meAbout how drinking is killing myBrain cellsAnd of course i have heard thisShit all beforeYet i act dumb all the sameLike really? I did…