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An Italian Lunch

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Okay, none of that’s true. As Filan, my therapist, would say, I am romanticizing reality.


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Falling asleep remembering lies that had been built around lies Lies to impress people Lies to make life more convenient Lies, I didn’t even know why I told them.

No Place for Unicorns or Teddy Bears

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The ironic symbolism of thinking about fornication while feeding an 8 foot long steel shaft into the orifice of a machine that chops it into little pieces is not completely lost on me. However, this is no place to contemplate life in terms of Freudian ima

All Else Stopped

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it seemed odd from even the first few seconds.

Big Fat Apple

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His death at forty is not one of the things I wanted to talk to you about. Of all the things he did, death is not one of the things he did well.

The Swiss Lunch

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They are observed in Bern without exception each Saturday.

Protein Transfer

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Ham If you have never cooked a ham steak, you need not be afraid. The ham is often cut so thin that to over or undercook it is nearly impossible. The exterior reflects the centre better than any other meat; you will know when to stop.