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Saw Her

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Just like that. He heard her words clearly from the top floor of the five story apartment building. The unexpected change in weather made it mandatory for him to open his window.


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Silent, so unbearably silent of voices. The dark sea gave us our only song, a light and flapping drum roll of waves and the crackling break of foam on the sand. Traipsing through forgotten sand sculptures we made our way down the beach, everything black and unseen. It was…


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...cause these oysters were the most famous oysters in the world but no more now, that was years before, in our grandfathers' tuxedo times...


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I wrinkled my face up in the glare and warmth of the sun. I baked easy in the hovering heat and my spot-speckled skin ate up the rays and swallowed deeply.


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Ireland - her beauty is like a drug.


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In a few brief moments the entire sky became full of this wetness and greyed to the point of almost blackening, and it was a Sunday morning, and the man thought that thoughts were strange things, because he had a piercing epiphany that there was no God..

Arborist Abridged

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Besides, that might have been the area of his birth, and if so, Jacob was now the director, priest, pallbearer, driver, and custodian of a hometown funeral

fish gut buckets

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The pier stretched out by where sharks came and men waited with beautiful dirty buckets that held strange and dangerous things, buckets with fish guts, buckets with blood, with character, buckets like prophets or a gritty desert walking saviour like Chris

Liebe Grüße

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Left, I see parkland and cyclists and sun. Right: picnic blankets, naked men and lunchtime assignations.


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Sex, though...yes, I had some of that

Passing the Last Buoy

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I am stunned that you’re gone here one moment, vanished the next leaving only profound stillness in all the spaces and moments you used to be

THE MOON, THE SUN, AND RYAN W. BRADLEY (not quite a fortune-telling)

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“That’s just Ryan W. Bradley—son of a bitch knows better by now.”

The Finding Smile

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My mother gave her all to convince him to be a politician. My sister begged on bleeding knees for him to give her head. I just needed somebody to help me find things.

moon soon sun

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the only sun I’ve seen this week / was in a Jimmy Dean commercial