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A collaborative project at Drunken Boat

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In the beginning is the ending is always the middle is floating forever ever never in all there where who can tell is anywhere is not imagining all of it, bits of ego, id and libid o such as we supposing symphonies of orbiting cellos playing the music, an


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Pinnacles State Park lying on our backs stoned on hash around a campfire looking up at the clear see-through blue green stars to the other side of the universe I know now you are out there I float up to within 2

Explore, Expound, Expand, Explain

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We walk on

I've Bought You A Present

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Look out your window and know that the universe conspired to craft the sunrise for your morning tea, the mug clasped in hand, the light bouncing from the balcony railing. The empty seat next to you will always be filled and I will never properly thank y