Black Friday Crime Scene

by Phoebe Wilcox

Black Friday Crime Scene

By Phoebe Wilcox


Her name was Christine

and she was nailed to the cross

of their lust

and their greed,

and their vengeance,

and their bullshit

until finally one day she yanked out the nails

and got down off the cross

and thought to herself

about how maybe

she should take the thing apart: 

reduce, reuse, recycle.

Saw it up and build a vessel of her sorrow

and set sail to a watery supermarket

where she'd say NO, NO, NO

to all who would take a number at her deli

(as if the wealth of her resources

constituted their convenience store).

Yes, the truth is that

Orders of life and love and pain

never come all sliced up

And ready to go.

Nothing is ever convenient

or cheap.

And this particular store

Right now

In the neighborhood of her heart

Happens to looks like

A goddamn Black Friday crime scene.