Fat Cats, Happiness and Laptop Love -- What I Learned From Magazines This Week

by Roz Warren

The Utah State Attorney General's office recently stated in a court filing that there is no constitutional right to marry a laptop.
(Time, 6/19/17)

Smartphones are spreading head lice.
(New York, 7/10/17)

People are less helpful when it's hot.
(Time, 7/24/17)

Online virtual two-way sex via “teledildonics” is real.
(Rolling Stone, 11/16)   

Pop star Lorde is an introvert.
(Time, 6/9/17)

A third of America's dogs and cats are overweight.
(Time, 7/24/17)

The Star-Spangled Banner was selected as our national anthem in 1931.
(Time, 6/9/17)

Amy Schumer always carries a scone when she goes for a walk. 
(In Style, 5/17)

Author John Grisham has sold 300 million books but is never recognized in public in New York City.    
(The New York Times Book Review, 6/4/17)

Happiness is on the rise in Nicaragua.
(Time, 7/24/17)

(Roz Warren is the author of Our Bodies Our Shelves: A Collection Of Library Humor and  and Just Another Day At Your Local Public Library: An Insider Looks At Library Life.)