by Tim G. Young

Got something inside me
hard as nails
keeps me walking upright
ain't never failed
it shifts with my muscles
and cracks with my brain
it takes me places
like a long fast train

Keeps me running
not too tired to stop
gotta keep moving
ain't no time to drop
so if someday
I'm kissing the stars in the sky
my bones will lift me
and that's how I'll fly

my mama told me
when I was born
you take these bones with you
if you're off or you're on
I could never imagine
how loose I would be
if my bones ever decided
and let go of me

I'd fall to the floor
like a puddle I'd lie
so alone and dejected
refusing to try
but if in my soul
I'd learn to rise again
I'd have to find the strength
to come back and then

My bones would sing
like an eagle they'd soar
rising to the occasion 
walking straight out your door
It would be such a glorious day
every ache and pain
would just jump
out of the way