The Player

by Tim G. Young

He played real good

But never looked

At no one

Strong guitar 

Weak knees

And the melody 

Bounced off the tv

While bar people 

Stared at their phones

The beer made shallow 

In the tall glasses 

He told me a story 

About his mom

And a corvette 

From the eighties 

Crazy in Oklahoma 

Drunk and police 

And I know it was all true 

Meanwhile the pool shooter

Sunk the 8 ball

And the bartender 

Spilled the drink 

And the glass broke

Smashed on the floor 

A table of loud mouths

Left without leaving a tip

Crowding around the door

So I ordered one more

Adjusted the hat 

On my head 

And wiped the smudge 

Off the lenses of my glasses

Then he began 

The Redemption song