by Gary Hardaway


Seasonal Surprise


We grow accustomed to the heat

so the chill of late October comes


as a surprise. A happy surprise.

But the sweaters and light jackets


are hidden deep behind the shorts

and short sleeves. We shiver finding


what we need to trap metabolic heat

and shelter summer skin from wind.



Winter Mix


Among the raindrops

occasional plopping snowflakes.

Nothing accumulates

but wet and miserable.



Snowfall a Little North of Dallas


The small snow decorates the air,

accumulates on car tops and sidewalks,

provides a topic of conversation.


Its rarity here excites

the wide-eyed five year old

in all of us stuck in offices


far from hearth and cocoa

this not quite last day of February,

two thousand and fifteen.



A Clearing


Sunlight sparkles on the puddles.

After a week of rain, a clarity.