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We sat under the broken umbrella, its flowered fabric hanging limp on one side. The rain fell softly at the edges of our backs. I kissed his hand, the one without fingers (not a casualty of his job, only of birth). My lips pressed what I couldn't say into his…

With Her Mouth Full

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He had short dark hair, a black shirt and an accent.

Ten Things I Love About Portland

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There are ten things I love about Portland, but I cannot remember them.

The Girl in the Storm

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There once was a girl who was lost in a storm. She wandered this way and that, this way and that, trying to find a way home. But the sky was too dark, and the rain too fierce; all the girl did was go in circles. Then, suddenly, there were arms around her

Man Running From A Bar

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A man alone in his paid-for living room, with his hands folded behind his head A man running from a bar, a bald man seen from behind Someone who made a wide circle to avoid your laughter A man undressing at the side of the road saying: “How you

Woman in Pajamas Running in the Rain

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I think I know you and say so You’re like a woman I saw once in pajamas holding a child running in the rain The absorption of dreams in your arms Maybe because of a man named Donald who slept on his hair in 1972 and things have ne


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He tapped his foot, swished his hips, swaying across the worn tile floor with an invisible partner in his arms, the batter-coated spoon still clutched in his right hand, momentarily forgotten. Nearly a decade had passed since he last shared a dance with h

Stupor in the Rearview

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When in the richness of your presenceI laze around and yawn and turn,it holds me fast, my very essencebecomes a part of your lost past.And when I stand alone to thinkof what is vanished, mine or yours,I see but still your nursing drink;your hand on wine, then song, then on…

Quickly The World Blurs

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On the drive home they are silent, like diffident strangers sharing a bus bench, though sometimes she rests her hand lightly on his leg, and when she does that his arm brushes against hers as he switches gears.

Nature's Erotica

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In a release of pleasure Her rain fell to the ground Mingling with the Essence of the Earth

Close Enough

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The nudibranch family two blocks away / answers a mighty summons

The Fluid Life

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Wet September in Eureka, Jasmine blooms profusely. Perfume scents waft free. Rain drops might be falling nails; sparkling needles when they slow . Second gasps of rose blooms sprinkle petals. Sprays of other flowers, names unknown, attract green Hummingbirds. Promiscuous…

Arborist Abridged

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Besides, that might have been the area of his birth, and if so, Jacob was now the director, priest, pallbearer, driver, and custodian of a hometown funeral

Jumping Beans

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The red laser flashes. He asks if I have an Ace Rewards card. I can't even answer because my beans have stopped jumping. I wonder if the laser light harmed them. Then one jumps and another, and I hand the boy some money, suddenly very fond of my beans.

Treading Water

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I was nine when I saw my first dead body.