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Spontaneously Broken, Spontaneously Restored [Card #14: Temperance (WORK-IN-PROGRESS — v.4)]

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The shift in attention was caught as a prime opportunity for the Ever-Alert, Graceful-as-a-Doe barista, who slapped her exhortation to “go outside with that!” to him with the semi-perfect timing of a wing in hockey slapping the puck into the net.

The Distance of Advice

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She has a mercenary way of doing business and she's pretty shrewd. I make her stand outside to smoke her cigarette. I stay inside watching her stance as she violently tugs at the barrel, tearing every ounce of smoke out of it, then stamping it out as I wo

Spontaneously Broken, Spontaneously Restored [Card #14: Temperance (WORK-IN-PROGRESS — v.5)]

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“Watcha readin'?” he leered, typing himself, by his brazenness of tone, as being obviously not someone who was truly “interested” in the answer. ¶ “Huh?” he followed up, in case she didn't “get it.”

Spontaneously Broken, Spontaneously Restored [Card #14: Temperance]

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Head-Scratcher looked at the cap he was now holding in his hand, changing its perspective from an incidentally-held object to something more exalted, like a scepter or a chalice or Yorick's fucking skull, or some shit. “It's actually a long story . . . ”

Freeing Annabel Lee

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It drifted into the sea, I say, when you ask me about home. You’ve only known me for a few moments, so you’re not sure how to gauge me. You laugh, and make an Annabel Lee reference. The English teach in me wants to hug you. The New Jersey in me wants

First Rain of the New Year

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Compartments trickle together/ in light diffuse and unreliable./ Fortify yourself against the day.

Fugue No. 3

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The falcon cannot hear the falconer. The rain comes down in sheets.


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But she knew what she would find. She knew it all the moment she felt the sticky fingerprints behind the slat of her old oak slay bed. The fingerprints that would only be left from a person grabbing it from behind their head. The fingerprints that she

A Decent Disaster

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It’s raining, she said. I said it was cold. We agreed that it was wet.

Inconvenient Weather

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With the sudden thrust// of April green, we can forget/ our drought continues.

Inconvenient Weather

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With the sudden thrust// of April green, we can forget/ our drought continues.

A Shower of Rain

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So, yes, there is a sprinkle of belief

A Shower of Rain

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You have at least an intermittent belief.

La Lluvia

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Then Diane was following Luke down the highway, her shoes filled with rainwater.

I'm Done.

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Just another day The rain came from above Wishing I was far away To realize it's just love The echoing heartaches shatter these walls Breaking down the corridors of this lie I know I'm not the only one she calls There's no reason for me…