Ron Earl Phillips

Location Charleston, WV
Occupation Web Developer, Designer

About Me

Living in the hills and valleys of West Virginia with my wife, daughter and a menagerie of pets (mostly cats), I spend my spare moments writing crime fiction, sometimes with a smattering of the supernatural.

That is not entirely true, I am a writer after all.

I run Flash Fiction Friday, a weekly writing prompt site where the members come up with some fascinating short stories from some of the crazies prompts our moderators come up with. New prompt every Friday.

I am also assistant editor for the crime fiction webzine, Shotgun Honey. We look for tight, strong action crime stories that fall, generally, under the 700 word mark. I share this privilege with Kent Gowran and Sabrina Ogden.

And of course I'm in the process of finishing my first novel. A writer has got to write.

Why do you write?

Strong characters, riveting plots and the desire to read and write the best stories I can.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Charlie Huston, Duane Swierczynski, Don Winslow, Mickey Spillane, Donald Westlake (Richard Stark), Ace Atkins and lots more.