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The Shawl

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The wolves took all she was underscored what I wasn't someone who could save her. Now her shawl lays in the snow smaller than she could ever go. If only she was as thin as that wind, maybe the wolves would have left her alone maybe I would have always…

That train

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That train's been murdering my time, a thoughtless crime although I've been waiting for it with all my mind. “That girl's been giving me her heart though I didn't want it,” the hunter confessed his almost crime. Her lips were chapped, …

sex at antioch

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the definition of beauty is easy

The Snowbank

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Liked his poetry! He didn't even like his poetry. Christ, get a MFA, write a stupid, topical book and anyone could be a hero. Had the squirrel moved? Ha, ha, squirrel you spiteful varmint!!


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You held my hand when I hit the ground and told me the shakes would start soon.

Snow Storm

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"I'm going to go home now, the weather is supposed to start getting worse in an hour. Do you want a ride?"

First Anniversary

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Kevin yelled, “I broke my leg!” Finally the old man and woman shared a moment, passed a look between them that said: That’s not our fault.

Red Left Hand

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"I see a child's bicycle swarmed by bees. A stolen oil painting of a, no, that ain't it. Wait. A high school basketball coach will hang himself from a bridge you often think about. This man, now, he's a Navajo Indian.

Why I Want To Go North

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we all want to go down / because nothing north can be good.

Thunder Snow

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It is late in the evening. The wind awakens rusty hinges. The gate swings open, squeaks. Cool raindrops peck at my bedroom window. I disappear into the yard, the darkness. I fold my arms, tuck my head beneath my itchy sweater and walk…

'Bout Apples

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Sawyer walked toward the lone house with the sentinel trees. Behind him there were no tracks in the snow.

The Ridgeline: Day 1

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The first burned slowly in the distance. I built a small fire to keep warm. Snow covered the area as far as the eye could see. The sun burned bright in the sky above and the mountains disappeared onto the horizon. My gear had some wear and tear from t

Soft like Snow

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Elida had the perfect response prepared for this moment, replayed it in her mind so often that she thought it would come automatically; but now that it's here, she's at a loss. Roseanne's skin is cold, rough, and as the sting from the blow works its way


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the door openedhe came inopened the fridgethought of hershe was on the roadbusinesshe grabbed a beerthe tv didn't workhe couldn't watch the news it was snowingshe was gone

Arborist Abridged

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Besides, that might have been the area of his birth, and if so, Jacob was now the director, priest, pallbearer, driver, and custodian of a hometown funeral