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It's Only Natural

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I just like puppies, and slapping people.

The Greatest Public Works Program

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Hope wakes starving/ in the storm,/ to off and hunt.

THE BOOK OF SUCH ~ a suite of poems

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A Being of Aether, who having appeared to me one morning, instructed me in the geometry of thorns. She seemed to be semi-infinite as her often melodious speaking voice was unimaginable in one direction and limited in another.

Some Nature Haiku

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The proud, burly tree / Rests on the now crashed TV / Thanks a lot, nature


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I go to the seaand turn myself over in my hand like a shell: a hollow conch carried on the resonance of a song long past its singing. My heart is a well and this city, one that is forever in drought.

Lenin's Paintings

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I was going through Lenin's jewelry and his paintings with a team of experts. I got the idea that I was hired to verify his paintings, although I didn't know he painted.


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3 poems

The 2nd poem.

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You came to me In the self made calm Causing quite a storm You want me to rejoice and relax? Not knowing my fears Shall we ever fly?

Found Poem

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The waters rose / on the earth

"a horse's eye rolling manic" and others

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each palm a palm and a palm full of fingers. the father. the anemone. the inevitable enemy. the finger browning itself shows that moisture. the sticky wet hands wrapped around the mother’s calf. the calf, braying, noses it’s ankle toward the doorway.

this time it really may, quite possibly, be the end of all of this ambivilence

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her heart just nodded knowingly ....yes, dear

newly wicked

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ah,woman if only you'd known if only you'd knew


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you're landscape under her flight path brother

August Moon

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i wake urgent with desire

like a child

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where is the magic at? the spit the dirt or the words?