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Heavy Weather

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The blue of the sky pierced her heart. She patted her lips with her tongue and turned to him. “We have to talk.”

Weather Channel Music Writer

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He can become anyone. If he wants. He'd rather not but it's not his choice.

Obscure Mr. Crass

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“Sorry to disturb you Mr. Crass but it is I, Fredrick come from Sir Yainsnit. I have a letter here for you from his namesake he handed me not more than one hour ago...”

Disquieting Weather Haiku

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An expectant sky--

gravelortian part 22

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This grey is going to kill me


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When our kids were very young, my wife and I believed it was important to give our children traditions that they could grow up with. One such tradition that we shared each Thanksgiving was to walk down by the cliffs along the ocean. We'd all go, our kids…


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It was in the last expulsion/explosion (theories differ) that we became OneWith. Tsunami. Seism. Zud. All matter cast out outcast came back like a gangster on crack. What did it think it was? Who do we think we are? It thinks we think it thinks…


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In what appears to have been a coordinated, coast-to-coast attack, country clubs across America were attacked last night with firebombs and heavy contaminations of herbicides.


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and like the want of weather, we walk away or come close

Texas Weather Triptych

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I worry for the daffodils/ and there optimistic yellow bursts./ I worry for the over-eager clover,// prodigious green on crepe myrtles,/ even for the early green of nut grass.

A Story Told Over Dinner

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Then one day, Grandmother warned our father, her son, just like that. "Steven," she said, though he hated it when she used his full name, "I think some sort of storm is coming."


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Among the raindrops/ occasional plopping snowflakes.