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About Me

A writer by impulse, not training; words have always been my favorite toys and they seem to grow more limber and lusterous the more I use them. I write in every format that occurs to me, posting typically to my website, The Chucklehut. I'm always interested in getting suggestions on how to make my work less tedious, more fun, and more broadly enjoyed. My day job is administering a grantmaking fund to support legal services. My night job is being a dad to two young boys. In between I have bus rides to do my writing, and on weekends I take out a camera for photos of buildings, plants, and rocks. I like to cook, and I like to eat. I hope eventually to shoehorn some sleep in the schedule, too, but let's not go overboard, people.

Why do you write?

All I know is, if I don't write, I choke on unwritten words. If others enjoy, so much the better. But the writing is the safety valve, the anchor, the air shaft, the jetpack. Without it my perspective lacks perspective, and without that, things just get way too confusing. There are many things in the world that seem to embody a poignance, a significance, or a wryness that deserves to be more fully examined, and when I fail to explore such treasures I always feel as if I left money on the sidewalk.

Any favorite authors? Books?

Best novel I ever read: Ulysses, followed by Terra Nostra (Fuentes). I've read Bronowsky's Ascent of Man about a dozen times, and loved The Mezzanine (Baker) too. Seven Pillars of Wisdom (Lawrence) was punishingly difficult, but mostly worth the trouble. Reading The Watchmen (Moore/Gibbons) was a life-changing experience; Raymond Chandler is some damn fine stuff too. That all said, I'm ridiculously under-read, and happy to hear any recommendations anyone might have for me. Reading-wise, I mean. Let's take things one step at a time.

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stephen hastings-king – Dec 07, 2010

Hello Daniel--thanks much for the read and comment on "Lockdown." I'm pleased that the story works for you. It's a deceptively complicated thing to get the form of a story to move you through a character's dangerous drunken state.

Matt Dennison – Dec 02, 2010

"Your profile photo, btw, is superchill."

That's a photo of an old grave (Juden) that a fellow posted elsewhere, trying to see if anyone could read the inscription...

Shelagh Power-Chopra – Nov 16, 2010

Thanks Daniel for your swell comments! Yes,I always love doing the photo thing as well, great fun!

Con Chapman – Nov 02, 2010

Daniel--thanks for your reaction to The Mutes. I posted it on another site and got generally favorable reviews until I hit somebody's nerve--it was exploitive, condescending, etc.

Can't please everybody I guess.

Mark Reep – Oct 15, 2010

Daniel, thanks for your comments on Check Engine. Painfully personal is never easy for me to deal with in a way that seems to stand up for long- So your feedback's much appreciated. I'm new to your work, just read Boatman of the Badlands, good stuff. Looking forward to catching up. All best.

Meg Pokrass – Sep 29, 2010

thank you very much for you encouraging words about "Drunk Elephant", Daniel. Much appreciated.

Since you live in the city, come to our first Fictionaut reading on Sat. at 7:30 in the Mission. Let me know if you can attend and I'll send you details.

Cherise Wolas – Sep 27, 2010

Daniel, thank you so much for your beautiful words about Sisters At The Lake, and for the fave! I am just back on fnaut and have a lot of reading to catch up on, including yours.

Jane Hammons – Sep 03, 2010

Welcome, Daniel. And thanks for your comment on "Making it Right." That the story will stick with you--well, that's what we are all looking for, right?

Juhi Kalra – Sep 01, 2010

Daniel, Thank you for your feedback on Letter to Natalie Goldberg. I had added the offending "misdirection" as an afterthought, and have since removed it. Much metta, Juhi

Daniel Passamaneck – Sep 01, 2010

Jerry the pleasure is truly mine, or at best, it's mutual.

Larry Strattner – Aug 31, 2010

Love that fork and salad stuff. In your 'About' you mean shoehorn, yes?

Jerry Ratch – Aug 31, 2010

Thanks, Daniel, and Welcome on here!

Daniel Passamaneck – Aug 06, 2010

Darryl, it's nice to be here. I signed up and immediately went on vacation but will be a more reliable contributor soon. I've also had a chance to read a bit more and get a better sense of what's up here, so upcoming posts may be more consistent with the FN oevure. Such as it is, I mean. Thanks much for the kind welcome!

Darryl Price – Aug 04, 2010

Hey, Daniel, great to have you with us.

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