For Starters

by Daniel Passamaneck

Frangelico and orange juice
A coconut filled with sorbet
A bar of chocolate stuck in pudding
(don't you see where this is going)
Hot pastrami rolled in pepper
Ice cream natating in root beer
Unagi hot and darkly frosted
Raspberries in Creme Anglaise
Beer and lots of good beef jerky
Sweet potatoes baked with lime
Triumphant brisket and carnitas 
Yogurt mixed with pomegranate
Mushrooms grilled with fine balsamic
Potato chips enrobed in chocolate
Spicy peanut sauce with noodles
Fejoada over rice
Authentic stuffed Chicago pizza
Cheesesteak (Amoroso roll)
Pillsbury foodsticks for the spacemen
Croissant amandine and joe
Mussels with chipotle pilsner
Whole fried trout with pepper flakes
A cupboard of euphoric candies
-- that will have to do for starters