everything moved in circles

by Tim G. Young

everything moved in circles
like the music, the booze and the drugs
the nights would never sleep
the days could only creep under covers
the moon, the sun, and the stars
were captured and kept in jars

the ceiling was there for breathing
blue diamonds red rubies flung down
everywhere was a trap
everyone was free
everything was as intense
as it was meant to be

no rhyme no reason prevailed
every decision
hung quickly hammered like a nail
mountains moved shifting their weight
legs bared danced with bare feet
the foundations gutted with dynamite

inside some place was very quiet
and aching to be born
because no mother no father
ever sang a note to warn what really mattered
if anything mattered at all

wasn't I standing at the window
wasn't i unnerved and afraid I'd fall
wasn't I totally misunderstood
until suddenly I reappeared the moment
i heard you call

I just knew I could manage somehow
no matter what the cost
I'd spend my diamonds and rubies
I'd succumb to forever being lost
but if that fucking ship ever dared and decided
to pull in

I'd be still standing there like a rocket
tall straight and long
anticipating my countdown
singing my rocket song
oh god how I missed the stars that night
how I missed everything I knew that flew