My Summer Vacation

by Dianne McKnight-Warren

Apple is apple plum plum that is a kiss without a tongue is what Emmeline wrote in my book and now we laying in the grass in the shade by a pecan tree lookin up at pieces of blue and white and silver like a puzzle never stayin the same long enough to put right and Emmeline older and she roll over and her breasts move under her shirt and squeeze soft on the ground and her legs all brown and shiny silver and my heart so tender and she say it cool here and it so hot everywhere and a black ant run over my leg at the top and Emmeline she get up on her elbows and blow and that ant it rise up on hind legs like it might could fight with the front and Emmeline she keep blowing and that ant tickle the whole way down my leg and I laugh and a brown-eyed handsome man come through the grass and Emmeline she stand up and his eyes they fire full on her like I am nothin and they walk side by side to where we work like they got the same center on account of him pulling her close and he rub her lips back and forth with his thumb and step back and run off and we start handing and tying til no more loads come and we go to the well pump and I pump and Emmeline she put her head under the water and turn her face up and open her mouth like she might drown and she drink and say Oh Lord that feel good now you do it don't drink first thing it better that way and I do it and Emmeline say There like we done for good and she turn and look at me and a drop of water come from her ear and fall down her cheek like a tear and that night I can't sleep cause my legs hurt and other things they hurt too and everything so hot and sticky and I lay my head in the window to catch some stir if it happen but nothin and I can see the yard upside down all empty quiet and I hear Emmeline laugh and see her and that man walk under the yard light by the barn and Emmeline she stop and the man he got her hands and he pull hard and she stop laughin too and he yank and grab and carry her behind the barn and I look where they been and everything empty quiet like before but not really not really at all.