Despite Your Faith

by Gary Hardaway

We can't presume to be here forever.
The future will exist, with or without us.

As the other mammals go extinct,
we can't presume we are immune

because of big brains and a history
of belief in the control of nature.

The control of nature is reality-
Nature controls, despite our dams

and reservoirs. Floods will come,
regardless of our civil engineering.

The more energy the atmosphere
retains, the more energy the atmosphere

releases as wind and rain, snow
and sleet. The temperature in your town,

this afternoon, bears no resemblance
to the temperatures of ocean currents,

bearing the burden of the sun
to England and Portugal.

The physics defies ideology and Faith.
Your belief affects nothing but

the depth of your ignorance in a an
impassioned but baseless tweet and the breadth

of mendacity in your speech before supporters
in a stadium full of revved up fellow idiots.