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Of Turnips, Giants and Men

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The giant raised his tree, preparing to club the most recent knight-errant, when a voice caught his attention. “Pick on someone your own size!” The giant turned. The knight wasn’t going anywhere with his horse on top of him, and he was k

615 Pharmacology & therapeutics

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Somewhere, a mathematician is going mad in a box that decreases in size at the same speed it takes the mathematician to find a way to get out. At least he’ll die with an epiphany, which is more than we can say for you.

Do you dream?

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Megalomania is a kind of backwards leprosy. It rots your insides out while your skin glistens and grows tighter around your bones.

Cherry of Menloves

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Miranda Cherry laughed, then the cream of the retail industry laughed.


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ANOTHER STUPID POEM Under a park bench two crows hunch. Beside the bench stands a pounder of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Beside the can glisten two splats — chunky, coagulating in the sunrise. The…

Despite Your Faith

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As the other mammals go extinct,/ we can’t presume we are immune// because of big brains and a history/ of belief in the control of nature.