Two Dog Poems

by Dianne McKnight-Warren


maybe a day in deep winter

the snow drifting

against the trees and

you think how lovely

but underneath

something's dying?

or a rainy night in spring

driving on a road scattered with frogs

that first you think are stones?

or how about a perfect June evening

the songbirds a myriad of tiny flutes

while on your bed your cat stretches awake?

or maybe in the grim part of autumn

the knowing not for long

For Lady, a Collie

The day before you died

I lay on the floor with you

We were almost nose to nose

though I held my head back

so I could see you better

You were luminous in the sunlight

I stroked the sides of your face over

and over like careful polishing 

my fingers soft from the touch 

All qualities transferred 

you would have made an elegant woman

with fine features and beautiful hair

smart, sweet eyes

When I withdrew my hand

you reached out to touch it back

and I ran my fingers over your ribs, your spine

shallow bones, a warm sculpture

Turn me to stone, you said 

Turn me to stone