Moon Backstory

by Tim G. Young


Today clouds were dancing on the moon

Moon had a fit but drew in a breath

And let out a sigh

Clouds invited all their friends to the party

The one Moon never felt invited to

Plenty of food, drugs, and beer

And as the party kept rocking

Even Moon found a party mood

And shined like a real shiner all around this world

Lighting the night like a super light so bright,

Clouds had to dance in their own shadows

Wringing their tears in real pain over real time

Splashing in deep lakes created on the Moon

So deep, Moon lifted the lakes and shook them off

Into the blackness

Where they floated into light years ahead of time

Dancing the Twist in long forgotten craters

Filled with Dusts of Joy

Souvenirs kept in a box marked private

Moon did not remember

The cigar box when he/she was a kid

Playing with galactic rainbow crayons

While Earth still searched for life

And found it

One lazy afternoon

When the tide decided to rush in