Cleft-Split Rock

by Ed Higgins

1.                     Walking here 

                        with you

                        on these narrow



                        of clean air

                        & imagination



2.                     Delight entering

                        despite sorrows

                        that already

                        call us



3.                     Eased by

                        this rising moon,

                        the tide's darkening

                        stain surges


                        onto wet

                        waiting sand

                        thrust inward

                        toward the yielding

                        reluctant shore.


4.                     Tentative, at first,

                        this receding

                        inflowing discourse

                        of wave and

                        cleft-split rock:


5.                     The ambiguous edge

                        barely perceptible

                        now against 

                        the sea's

                        widening urge.


                        The surf out there

                        like a pulse quickened 

                        to the heart.