To Do Reminders

by Ed Higgins

Frisbee dog. Stealth the cat. Read more. Cut toenails. Less wine. Bind the ties. Avoid mirrors. Divide water. Invoke irony. Vacuum Yesterday. Avoid forever. Milk thoughts. More wine. Stir up. Stir down. End a dark day. Follow oxygen down the street. Care a rat's ass. Say desire. Scatter con•tem•pla•tion. Feed instincts. Assimilate resistance. Skin normal. Push words. Rewind God. Bend re•frac•tion. Undo plots. Spine spirit. Tremble blood. Hands up. Cascade dreams. Avoid suppose. Freeze Hell over. Knot despair. Tempt metaphor. Fudge Truth. Find your story. Surround ambivalence. Forget tomorrow.