by David Ackley

1942. August 15th. On page 3 of the Nashua Telegraph, headed “Weddings and Engagements of Interest,” are the photos of four local lovelies, Camille Grandmaison, Joan Hubbard, Mary Joan Everett, and the petite blonde, Lucy Riley, one just wed, the other three, if intention leads to act, soon to be. Near the bottom of the same page, which is thick with announcements of a similar nature, is an item under “Personals,'” noting the enlistment of my cousin James Ackley, 19, one of uncle Eugene's 4 boys, in the US Navy. Some, perhaps most of those on the page, will go on to have families of their own, will have and raise children in Nashua. James will be lost in the Pacific two years later when his sub goes down.  And with him the sons and daughters he might have fathered. War; family--these offspring of civilization wrestle on the floor of history.