Move Along

by Tim G. Young

Where do you think you're going
what'll you think you'll do
running down this highway
that you never even knew

Better pack your suitcase
filled with stuff that's warm
you'll need some protection
once the blue skies turn to storm

But you will
yeah you will
Move along

It don't really matter
what you left behind
you ain't going nowhere
if you never change your mind

Even when your ride
is running out of fuel
you'll need to remember
what it takes to break the rules

And you will
yeah you will
Move along

Then step into the unknown
wherever it may lead
until you find your reflection
in a time where you can be

For once you see yourself
in a place that's fresh and new
you'll know why you were running
and what you have to do

And you will
yes you will
Move along