Thirteenth Love Poem: After the Forest

by Beate Sigriddaughter

The moon is waning again.
The past is done.
The future can unfold.

I will meet you
at the crossroad as agreed.
I hope you are well,
my love. I yearn for
walking together again.

Once, as a wedding gift
I wanted to give
you a language of joy.
I couldn't finish in time.
It was too dark
in the forest. The waterfall
was lovely, though,
and our vows took place
in silence anyway.
They couldn't compete
with the roar of wild water,
neither in beauty nor
in power.

Your threads go one way,
mine another now. Colors
mingle. Let us start
climbing. Should we fall, I pray
the weave will catch us.

Today I do not want to change
the world. I want to be with it
as is. Everything is possible.
If you were to invite me
to the river now, I would