by Emily Sparkles

I'm in a pediatric emergency room
There are teenagers who don't want to live
And babies who won't
Because viruses still spread and people won't learn
The election results are coming in
And somehow
Fucking somehow
Underqualified, overly bigoted politicians still win
Under the banner of “conservative” although their thinking and policies are anything but

The children are suffocating
They are dying
They are choosing to die
And trying to die
And fighting for life
And losing that battle
While you insist on creating a world we cannot fathom
That gives no freedom
While you insist it is a teacher's fault for indoctrinating your children
But really
You are furious and terrified
That they might deprogram your indoctrination

I grew up to see through it
And so do these kids
They will not be told what to think
But they are watching you limit how they can live
And they are finding a way out
The only way out
And that blood
is on
Red, red hands