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Location New Jersey

About Me

Peter Erich is Senior Marketing Strategist at a mid-sized advertising firm and author of short run zines including, KING OF HIS OWN HEAD, and SAMMIE JO’S HOLY DOGGEREL. His poetry has been featured in kill author, decomP, THE2NDHAND,, The UCity Review, Indiefeed Performance Poetry & other great journals.

Why do you write?

You’re a Genius all the time - Jack Kerouac

Any favorite authors? Books?

Updike, Jason Jordan, Molly Gaudry, Robert Carpenter, Vonnegut, Bukowski, Mary Oliver, Ginsburg, Billy Collins, Richard Brautigan, Donald Barthelme, Amanda Davis, Ben Greenman, Joe Meno, Juniot Diaz, Lorrie Moore, Mickey Hess, Neal Cassidy, John Ashberry, Kenneth Koch, Mark Bibbins, John Donne, Conor Oberst, Marcy Dermansky, Studs Terkle, xTx, Roxane Gay, Sedaris, Thomas Friedman, Kenneth Koch, James Joyce, Howard Zinn,

Peter Erich's Wall

Bill Yarrow – Oct 19, 2010

Thanks for your comment on "Knot Eye," Peter.
"I question the use of lumpy. It's not that it ruins the piece, it does however stand out."
Kind of like a knot in a piece of string, eh?

Glen Binger – Jun 03, 2009

Sup, Pete. Thanks for inviting me.

Darryl Price – May 19, 2009

And now Ms. Valley has also instructed us in the fine arts of both Grace and Humility. Thanks for sharing. I like that you added Conor Oberst to your list of Favorite authors. Welcome.

David Erlewine – May 13, 2009

hey man, thanks for your comments to "kind of natural". are you and glen binger friends? I know he goes to Rider and I recognize the Lo-Fidelity name. My computer keeps losing connection or I'd google it. In any event, welcome!

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