The Good Sounds of Squeamish Language

by Peter Erich

"Your underlying traits bridge us together." This is a fact that I share with loved ones who bring ferns to my apartment. 

"I perceive faces as religions." This is a phrase I say to tighten your shoulders. 

"I am a whole lot of people." This is a thing I mutter to untrustworthy folk in an airport van ride to a hotel that looks nothing like the picture. 

"These sounds cause pudding-headed confusion." This is a thing I say to make you hungry. 

"Our daily lives publish a book each night." This is a thing I believe. 

"That is some pretty rich literature." This is the thing I say when I get to the last chapter and wake up. 

"Accuracy is a prediction and spirituality is a science. What is disrupted, comes together." I say this because there is no relationship between the brain and mind. It is just you and me.