Hippie Mix

by Peter Erich

Let us talk granola 

and improvising 

on the margins of 

munchies and breakfast.

Step one, spread oats on a pan. Duh.

Two, lust over the maple syrup. 

Be the Pollock of tree sap.

Three, mix wildly. 

Four, stove your doubts. 

You will be surprised 

by the rigorous demands 

of turning over the oats 

and dried cranberries. 

Five. Bake until you complain that it is taking too long. 

Remove from heat.

Six. Furnish your yogurt cup with the granola. 

It will make thin lines 

so good and deep 

that you will keep spooning your yogurt. 

Did you enjoy the innuendo?

Any yogurt, except for that kind, will do.

This is the type

of premium snack 

that is typical of small luxuries.  

You can enjoy this with a mango cut into slivers. 

Mangos are 

the sweethearts 

of every bite. 

You can furnish 

your table setting with filtered water 

but in this house, tap is the tits.